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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the damage has been done.
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but, finally... starting to be on their way home. we're live in pleasanton, david louie abc news. >> we apologize for the break up in the signal. traffic is now moving again throughout the area. >> there is a growing movement to remove the president of the california public utilities commission, michael peavy faces harsh criticism for the performance before, and after the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. governor brown has been silent on the issue until now. abc 7 news is live in san bruno tonight. heather? >> peavy critics say this is a case of the fox watching the hen house. recent evidence they point to the fact he appointed himself as commissioner in charge of the pg&e penalty phase and he pointed a negotiator for settlement talk who's had to withdraw because of a conflict of interest, pointed out by those same critics. after the pg&e san bruno gas
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pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes, ntsb concluded one contributing facter was, quote, lax oversight by cpuc. now, two years later the neighborhood started a petition drive calling for the removeal of peavy. governor jerry brown has not responded about peavy, but a common wealth club audience member described the lack of oversight as an embarrassment, asking what would remedy that. >> we have very zealous regulators on the p.u.c. >> i'm shocked and trying to get an appointment with governor brown. >> kathy lives up the street from the blast site. she started the petition drive on -- org. so far there are only 632 signatures comments go together governor. it's unknown if he's seen them yet. >> the fact have you a problem
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may create a good news story but shouldn't be unexpected. we're human beings. things happen. and then, we respond. public utilities commission has a important task. industries are under it's supervision. i think it's doing a credible job. >> after problems we make changes to correct them that. is the final change that needs to take place. >> assemblyman hill was the first to call for remeef -- removeal. >> the governor submitted three appointments to the p.u.c. new commissioners are outstanding but because of the process and structure of the p.u.c. it gives the president of the cpuc almost state powers.. >> we're not safe. we need someone to look out for our safety. >> residents are not alone in the drive. the san bruno city council approved a resolution calling for his removeal. next week, the board of supervisors is expected to
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follow suit. he is a former president of southern california edison. we asked for a comment today and have not heard back. >> thank you. chevron says today it will take another several months before the refinery is fully functional. the refinery was damaged by a that sk in a pipe. chevron says after the fire the refinery would be plating at reduced capacity throughout the end of the year. >> working on an anonymous tip, police have released surveillance video and today, they arrested a 20-year-old bicyclist they say beat a muni station agent. we showed you the tape, here it is. police say he jumped the gate with his bicycle and when the
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agent confronted him police say riley kicked the agent in the chest and knocked him down. riley faces three felony charges for battery and mayhem. >> next week we're expecting the jigs zigs about a former elementary school principal accused of hail failing to report suspected child sex abuse. >> right. jurors spent five hours deliberating today. took two votes and told the judge they cannot reach a verdict and that their split was 8-4. they didn't indicate which way they're leaning. most jurors told the judge additional information would not help reach a verdict but some of them indicated that might be helpful, the judge ordered the jury back on monday. prosecutors say he owned notes detail a disturbing incident.
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her mouth and there was a salty liquid. the da told us the former principal broke the law by not reporting her]avgç suspicions.. >> our concern is that statute put in place for protection of children. if you're going make a decision you need to err on the side of protecting the child. >> the teacher chandler and lack of action against him triggered a civil lawsuit this, complaint says at least five people at the school and school district were awear o of -- aware of inappropriate behavior of female teachers and perhaps children, dating back to 2005. this attorney represents a 10-year-old student and her mother. >> no action was taken against him whatsoever. despite red flags that happened with locked door, he was allowed unfettered access
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to these children. >> the defense told the jury the principal was conned by an evil man and says the former principle's character is enough to find her not guilty. and it was reiterated what you told us yesterday about chandler he told lynn, a seriesuik8 of lies. at the time they made sense, consistent with everything the student told her. >> allerd is concerned a not guilty verdict would send the wrong message. >> damage would be vast. it may be a signal there is a free pass to educators if something like this comes to their attention. >> some jurors told the judge they taught the defendant had the best of intentions but there was, quote, significant disagreement about whether she took the appropriate action.
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>> thank you. tonight the woman whose video helped convict ross mirkarimi of domestic violence is ending her long silence. she released a political ad today targeting san francisco supervisor christina alahi. her!&ixg reelection bid, now, te alahi cast one of the votes that kept mirkarimi in office. >> voters need to know what alahi did. i live in district five next door to a convicted batterer who is our sheriff because she thinks it's okay to abuse your wife and run a major law enforcement agency. i'm running for anyone on the ballot but christina alahi. >> the campaign issued a statement saying politicizing thisyid issue is silencing nlrvisors in a way that is dangerous. sheriff mirkarimi says the ads in his words reflects politics of retribution. >> county sheriffs are worried they may not have enough money
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to run jails. the problem is that state has been sending extra prisoners to save money at the state level. the plan to pay them back relies on voters passing proposition 30 next tuesday. we have the story from sacramento. >> all of this talk about prop 30 centers around public school funding but this representative is worried about the other parts of prob po. a constitutional amendment that guarantees funding for realignments. the inmate where counties must house thousands of low level inmates f prop 30 fails tuesday, counties are asking how are they going to be able to afford this expense? >> if money goes away, it's going to have impact on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program
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to pay for another. touch it unless it goes back to the voters. the budget shows counties will get $6 billion to take on the new inmates. >> streams will continue under statute if proposition po is not approved. >> but it's after that, that worries county officials.. >> priorities may change. legislatures may change. governors may change. and we're at the whim, so to speak of the legislative process. >> we're going to see reducks of deputies, police officers on#?,ax the streets. it would impact public safety. >> poll knows -- numbers show prop 30 remains a tight race. >> still to come under whelming response to ipad mini. it's a popular product but maybe not wornl waiting in line for.
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find out what happens if you drop one. >> if you bought a hyundai or kia, you may have money coming. i'll show you how much and why, coming up on 7 on your side. >> chancellor cal reaches out to high school students offers assurances going to college will not be out of reach. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt loudz increasing this evening. temperatures will be rising this weekend. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment.
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uc berkeley chancellor is making a promise to high
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school students tonight. if they do the work and are admitted into the university of california he says the financial resources this-to-#pooñ them get a college education will be abc 7 news is here with this story. >> you know no one better than he to talk about the value of a college education. the uc berkeley chancellor was a first in his family to graduate from high school, he went on to get his phd from yale. only a few students will end up at cal. the hope is that they'll all end up in college. the chancellor travels to lincoln high in san jose to talk to students about the importance of an education. first, addressing seniors.. >> people will put obstacles in your way. >> the chancellor highlighted there are resources. a family making less than tuition. in 2013 undocumented students
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on1,"e path to citizenship will be eligible for financial aid. and for those who don't get into cal their freshman year, he reminded them to keep pushing. >> we take in 5,000 students directly out of high school and more than 2000 transfering from community colleges so people who don'té%jú9 make it ft time have a second shot he and other uc leaders made it a point to visit high schools throughout the state. >> i know that if i don't get into cal i'm going to get into another university and brighten my future. >> you can do anything with the right education. knowing that income is not a problem. it really is motivational to anyone. >> he promises financial opportunities for many students, he worries about the uc ses tim and the many cuts sacramento has made. >> when i started this the state provided 30% of our
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budget, now, it's 11%. it's been challenging. >> the prop 30 tax measure will guarantee no further cuts to state colleges this year but opponents say it's misguided. >> so some may think, okay, just raise taxes a few more times taking it billionaire asks that will fix it. for maybe, you know a couple years. and then, we'll be back where we are today. >> prop 30 has been slip,v>)-pc% somewhat in polls as of yesterday, 48% of those asked if they'd support the measure, but 14% remains undecided. >> this is going to be close. >> this morning hundreds lined up in stores to get their hands on the new ipad mini. but what happens if it slips out of their hands? >> before dawn, close to 100
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people waited in line in downtown apple store for a chance to wrap fingers around this. sell yeen was here to buy a phone charger but fell in love. >> i have been waiting for this for a long time. for women, you know? this is perfect. >> if you don't carry one of the bags... >> it's too big. >> it fits great in a backpack. >> and you think your parents goring to get you an ipad mini? >> probably not. >> i've got four. very four children. and -- wow. >> everybody. >> excitement will be shat grord 10% of the owners history shows will drop and break it within the first year unless it is tougher than it's predecessors there is one company determined to find that out.
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square trade sells extended warranties made this video. >> looks like the ipad mini held up well. >> in a death match against google's nexus 7, the mini survived being dropped on its corner. the head honcho says that is less important you don't tend to drop something flat. the corner usually first hits the ground. >> he says small tablets carry another right after this ook they fit well in the toilet. >> the ipad mini kept working perfectly. square trade recommends against trying this at home. saying your ipad is much safer inside of that fancy purse. >> that is hard to watch, isn't it? >> do not put ipad in toilet.
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we're good on that one. >> weekend is upon us. >> looking fantastic. we have clouds thickening now. looks threatening out there. we're going to have a great weekend ahead. here is a beautiful view of the post sunset sky. look at the color of the post sunset sky provided by clouds. just kind of a sunset that is picturesque. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see clouds continuing to move from sea to shore and beyond. lots of clouds will)yñlq contine to thicken overnight there. is a system along the north coast. some clouds%ix coming our way do have moisture content. we're not expecting rain. just an interesting pattern passing through. we'll start to clear up, mild conditions, 59 degrees here in san francisco. 60s everywhere else.
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clouds continuing to increase giving sunny skies into afternoon that that pattern will continue throughout the weekend and record highs likely by monday. quite a warm up coming our way. tonight with a increasingly cloudy conditions low temperatures mainly into low 50s. a weak front will fall apart. it moves inland, dissipates we've got clouds starting to scatter giving way to sunny scatter cwçing way to sunny warming trend begins and i mean a significant warming trend. by monday, into tuesday, record high temperatures for those dates are likely. tomorrow will not be a record setting day but sunny, mild one. high temperatures mainly into low to mid-70s.
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69 in san mateo. 72 palo alto. 65 in half moon bay. mild weather gracing the coastline. up to 68 downtown. highs low to mid-70s. 7234 santa rosa and novato. 73 in napa. on the east bay highs of 70 in berkeley. 73 in danville and concord. here is the accu-weather forecast. 84 degrees monday and tuesday. 80 apiece around the bay. low 70s on the coast. don't forget to set your clocks back over the weekend. tuesday looks like an almost summer like day. later in the week cooling down. clouds gather and a chance of showers by friday. >> thank you.
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>> who knew mayor ed lee was such a good table tennis
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police trying to solve a brazen robbery that took place halloween day. thieves went into the store and grabbed 180 bras from inside of a cabinet. that happened with about 20 customers inside of the store. the bras worth estimated $11,000 running about $60 a piece. police expect them to put merchandise on sale, soon.8nd] >> be simple going to swap meets, flea markets. it could be a person that knows people that can dump them to people whork they know. >> police say thieves of this kind operate in teams.
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one zrakts sales people and others grab merchandise. >> it's been an unusual, busy week for the mayor first he got to take part in the victory parade, today, played ping pong on market street. he went head to head with the director of public works. this game took place near the powell street cable stop to promote a project aiming to add more cafe as long that corridor. >> more activities will lead to safer more creative uses on streets. >> the project may include expanded bike lanes. >> there is a lot more ahead. coming up the hyundai scandal.
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it's a story out today that michael finney broke months ao. >> lights coming back on in the bay area tonight. a volunteer that was there cleaning up. >> a new unemployment nums will mean for the presidential race. and voters who will decide it
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hyundai and kia are in big trouble tonight. >> saying they overstated gas
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mileage on 900,000 vehicles. >> michael finney reported on this in july. >> i heard about this when one guy with lodged a complaint. there was a large chorus sh but one voice does make a difference. >> louis is filling up his 2011 hyundai elantra. he figured out something wasn't right at the gas pump. every time he bought gas he would write down how much and how far he'd gone. >> about 26,000 miles there was a rating of 29.92. >> that is not what he'd expected. look at the sticker that came with the car. city miles per gallon, 29. highway, 40. the smaller print shows in the city, it could go as high as 34, highway as much as 47 mpg.
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>> it isn't anywhere close, i've tried every gallon of gas i put into this car. from when i got it tlt was a lot of talk about this online. working with a watch dog group that filed suit saying they 8u information. >> consumers not giving what the sticker promised. what we've learned is that the window was a statement. saying it stands behind fuel economy ratings, today, hyundai and kia issued a joint statement that said in part given importance of fuel efficiency we're sorry for the errors. we say we've got your back that is an assurance we don't take lightly. we're going to make this right
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and will be more driven to ensure our vehicles deliver outstanding fuel economy. consumer watch dog says the issue is bigger than hyundai and kia. >> whether intentional or not ñç proceedal error. the big question is why do we have epa tests that are not run by the epa? >> more than a third of the modelsd through past october are involved. hyundai and kia will receive a card reimbursing them for differences in epa combined fuel economy ratings based on fuel price in their area and miles driven. the companies are also adding on 15% for the trouble. we'll keep track of the cards and make sure everyone gets one. >> that is a big pr mess. >> it is. >> new york skyline beginning to look more familiar as
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electricity is restored and lights coming on in neighborhoods the mayor says coned yi ton hopes to have most of the outages resolved by midnight. 150 employees were flown in to assist restoring outages. we talked with one via skip. >> this staging area we plan to be here if they need us to go elsewhere, we will. >> efforts continue, new york city marathon has been cancelled. 47,000 runners scheduled to take part in this race. the mayor and officials decided waits wrong to use resources when so many are in need. >> those of us who love the city and love this race recognize it wasn't a marathon
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if it wasn't a unifyingqv1 even. >> in addition to workers there, scores of red cross volunteers are in new york helping people you can help through the red cross textvbitye word red dros make a $10 donation, or, you can call 1-800-red cross. visit our web site we have a link there to the red cross web site. disney has given $2 million to the effort making monday a day of giving. >> four days before deciding who will lead the country, the labor department issued a poll sid report on jobs today. rates did pick up, but only because half a million people
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felt confident enough to rejoin and start looking for employment again. it's your voice, your vote. abc 7 news is here now with a look at the impoliticians of the numbers. >> if we saw a big swing, the jobs report would be a much bigger headline. it's part of a picture that looks bad for chances. looks more like the road to the white house goes through ohio. the president touting job numbers is proof the economy is growing. mitt romney saying numbers showed just the opposite. >> it's nine million short of what was promised. >> most polls show the president with a light lead. our analyst says the key is what romney said about the auto industry.
6:36 pm
jeep is building a faiktry in china but tod2 -d build jeeps fr the chinese market. jeep expanding manufacturing in the united states. and that mistake has cost mitt romney. >> after romney's false claim of jeep outsourcing to china, chrysler refuted the lie. >> that suggests to me republicans do believe that they've still got a point or two they have to makeup that the problem that we've been talking about now for last couple weeks seems stoil be there. >> it helps job numbers are better than after rick. it does not hurt that in california the job numbers are worse. the co-chair says because we're still shedding public sector jobs the state is not likely to recover quickly. >> we're just improving.
6:37 pm
>> karen hannah working part time after getting a ba in english from uc berkeley and a masters degree in literature. >> it was here until they hired me. >> if the president can get elected he'll be the first one to do that. polls from ohio not uniform. most do have the president ahead. that persisted for weeks. tonight barack obama is the favorite. >ovcs5nk you. >> to give you an idea of where the election will be decided took at the -- take a look at the map. red ones for rom nee. pink for leaning for rom fee. there are now eight battle
6:38 pm
ground states in white. nevada, ohio, and just enough votes to sway the election. i should be a fascinate being election. >> we could have a strong indication of who the next president is going to be before election day. >> outcome could depend how well rg
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>> wall street prices down, dow jones dropped 139 points today off 250 for the week. nasdaq fell 37. apple took a 20 point plunge. oil stocks suffering, chevron reporting income down 33% it also sold oil and gas at lower prices over the customer. demand so far because of the economy. here is a bay area ipo that did well, restoration hardware opened trading today. it's stock shot up 30%. rh sells upscale furniture and raised $124 million by going public. >> election day may be tuesday. weekend.
6:42 pm
the outcome of the last washington skins home game predicted the winner correctly of 17 out of 18 elections if the redskins win, incumbent party wins. so sunday, redskins will host panther who's have the worst record in football. redskins are three and five. >> still to come a technique changing the lives of breast cancer survivors.. >> helping them l
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police in fairfield looking for a couple raiding mailboxes. a neighborhood watch group provided this video of a man and woman checking boxes on the streets. wash them, they've hit half a dozen homes. police say one usually drives and the other takes the letters so don't leave outgoing mail in your box.
6:46 pm
make sure you pick up the mail promptly. >> a technique is changing the lives of thousands of breast cancer survivors. areas of the body to restore not just the shape but texture as well. with two young children at home and facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, reagan hunt made a tough call. >> i made a quick decision that i did not want the lumpectomy. i wanted a double mastectomy. >> the concern was preventing cancer from recurring and also encouraged by the plan for the reconstruction. the los gatos surgeon told her about a tech neeg that could improve her outcome. >> he kept reassuring me there are new technologies in place he yut rised that he would be able to make my result aesthetically pleasing and help regenerate some of the feeling in the chest area that was lost. >> that is where f?zy graphing
6:47 pm
comes in. it's been a huge change for us. >> we watched as he performed the procedure, surgeons placed implants under muscle tissue in the chest. they don't compensate for lost breast tissue. >> taking fat and injecting it under the skin renders it softer, more attractive. blood vessels grow into it. nerves grow through it. >> that fat is typically harvested from the stomach area, then pro us sesed into a syringe. >> this is 60. this is brilliant he says these injections help the graphs take hold and remain in place allowing surgeons to
6:48 pm
model the shapes.. >> i'm injecting deep into the muscle player. -- layer. >> when finished he said patients return to a shape nearly identical to their presurnlry form. >> what we're able to offer is !?b procedure. the breast can be replaced with a combination of implant and fat grafting that has been unachieveable with any other method. >> this health is the important thing. it's nice to be able to wear a swimsuit and function so that strangers or people don't know what i've been=lxm through woud never be able to guess. >> the doctor says the technique allows for a quicker recovery time, typically about 10 days.. >> that is remarkable. and this afternoon this, is a time lapse view from our
6:49 pm
camera. clouds moving across the sky, increasing and thickening into the evening hours. they'll give way to clearing skies. a mainly sunny day. we'll see clouds continuing to develop overnight. byvw mid day mainly sunny skies, high temperatures from upper 60s to low 70s, sunday raiders posting buccaneers. game time 1:05. sunny, mild at game time and throughout the afternoon. here is the sth accu-weather forecast. woe start warming up sunday. set your clocks back. by monday, tuesday, mid-80s inland. low 70s on the coast. record highs possible those two days. we may see rain by the end of the week. >> now is probably a good time to down load abc 7 news alarm
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clock app so you can count on it to wake you up at the correct time. it's for ich yon. you can find it free of charge >> warriors make their home debut tonight. next at 4:00 player fans will
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join me tonight at 9:00. the man who uses miz nind waublg will need every concentration. >> then, selling begins. facebook employees unloading thousands of shares of stock this week. who is cashing in? that is tonight at 11:00. >> let's talk sports. >> yes. >> he is like you, dan, imposing with a touch of nasty. >> logan is much meaner. hosting memphis grizzlies. the first chance for fans to
6:54 pm
see him play as a warrior, no backs to backs until they're sure he's in space. combining to shoot four of 30 from the floor. there is a clutch down the stretch. mark jackson believes his stronger bench play will be important this season. >> we're fortunate to have top notch guys coming in off the bench. i'll put our bench up against anyone's in the league. things they do well... they've been around. they know how to may. luxury to have those guys.. >> any hope they have of making a bowl game rests on a win tonight. friday night game against washington. it's a gold out. got the gold towels in the air. all that glitters is not gold. instead, it's a fumble.
6:55 pm
the huskies recover. that would lead to a touchdown run. right now they're in the second quarter, cal is trailing. cardinals coach making changes here. josh nunez started every game this season but offense has been sluggish. now saw hez hogan's mobility adds to the arsenal. went for a touchdown against cal, hogan will get 12-20 plays tomorrow. >> big thing for us is to get back into rhythm, running and9i throwing. there are things we do so well. we have to execute. we can get first downs and we've got to get our line 21 downs in the game.
6:56 pm
be good on third down. college 5j;r8p&& starts off at 9:00 p.m. at 5:00 collin klein and kansas state against oklahoma state. new york city mayor bloomberg cans yl -- cancelled the new york city marathon. it would have taken place on sunday, drawing over 47,000 runners and more than a million spectators. nhl canceled this season's wibt winter classic. it's a big deal without door games but the league is in the middle of a player lock out. second round of the hsbc championship, eagle on 7. 10 under par. phil mickelson, lefty with a
6:57 pm
birdie attempt on 12 tied for sixth place. 16 under, up by five, headed to the third round in china. >> shame what's happening, too bad. >> they have got to get it settled. it's ridiculous. >> that is this0 7 news. >> don't forget abc and our parent company have has nated monday as a day of giving. >> be sure to tune in monday to find out how you can help here. thanks for watching. >> good night, everyone.
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is is "" let's meet today's contestants -- a senate staff aide, originally from iowa city, iowa... dent of literature from santa cruz, california... and our returning champion, a research chemist, te stu originally from charlott, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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